About Snob

Snob is an international project and a one-of-kind social medium for people, who live in various countries around the world, speak various languages but think in Russian.

At Snob, a famous writer from Moscow can engage in a conversation with a student who loves cinema, or start a conversation with an outstanding British fashion designer or a software developer from Boston. Participants of the project are not divided by geography, social status, age or beliefs. Whatever they do, and wherever they live, they are united by a common interest in the world that surrounds them and a desire to act in order to make this world a better place.

  • Snob — daily news and discussions at snob.ru;
  • Snob — magazine available in print and online;
  • Snob — renowned Russian and world authors, illustrators, photographers and artists;
  • Snob — exclusive events for the participants of the project.

But most importantly, Snob is a unique infrastructure of people. And yes, you can become a part of it.

Become a part of the Snob project