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Битва идей - Battle of Ideas

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Друзья, кому случится быть в Лондоне на эти выходные, приглашаю на "Битву идей", публичные дебаты о главных проблемах современности, которые состоятся в Барбиконе, культурном и фестивальном центре Лондона. Одна из сессий посвящена России: воскресенье 20 окт, 12.15- 13.15. Приходите, буду рад познакомиться.

Dear friends, if you happen to be in London on this weekend, please come to the Battle of Ideas, a huge forum for free thinking and discussion on some of the most pressing issues of our time. The location is Barbican,  Europe's largest multi-arts and conference venue in the centre of London (map and directions below). http://www.battleofideas.org.uk/index.php/2013/session_detail/7906

 The session I am inviting you specifically is  ‘In Conversation: Russia’, on Sunday 20 October. Time:  12.15-13.15


Lucy Ash  foreign affairs correspondent, BBC

Mary Dejevsky  columnist and former chief editorial writer, Independent; leading commentator on Russia, EU and US

Mikhail Epstein  professor of Russian and cultural theory; director, Centre for Humanities Innovation, Durham University

Edward Lucas  international editor, Economist; author, The New Cold War and Deception: spies, lies and how Russia dupes the West

Chair: Will Vernon  producer, BBC Radio 4's World Tonight