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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly? What Kind of Fruit is President-elect Donald Trump?

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The Revolutionary? The Charmer? The Narcissist? The Titan? The Smart Cookie? The talented Businessman or the artful Manipulator? He has been called all types of names, still remaining a puzzle for the world political arena. “It is never going to be the same,”  with the eyes full of fear exclaims an American young woman replying to my question what to expect out of Trump. Who is he, the master of scandals and extreme statements, the 45th President of the USA, Donald Trump? What reality will he BUILD for the country and the world?

Electing Trump as the President of the USA signifies Disruption. Never before a person with his background became a President. The disruption means changes, ability to move forward. Opportunity-based thinking. The most important and influential companies are those that disrupt their industries. At the helm of them stand visionary people, strong and often hard-core leaders with a scent of oddity, nevertheless making us reconsider our tracks and open up for a better life. Our time requires disruption. And here he is, Mr Trump, full of optimism to make America Great again. Ready to upend long existing and encrusted system and reshape the future. 'We need to dream big and bold. We have to do it,'  states Mr Trump during his victory speech. Sounds a lot like a startup approach. We all know it is an Entrepreneurship era now. Those who do not risk, risk even more.

He is a Self-Made Man. A perfect role model for the nation. The one who can be truly called an American. He realized an idea which lies at the roots of the country and in the hearts of its citizens  - American Dream. A phrase that illuminates American mindset. Trump understands it perfectly and reinforces his campaign by claiming  'to renew an American Dream'. 'Our country has tremendous potential,' he says. 'Every single person will have an opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. No women or men will be forgotten any longer.'  Following on his self-made origins, Trump is a Doer. Practitioner. Entrepreneur. He has been years into business, building from the luxurious hotels to starring in the reality show. Dealing with all range of people. And, de facto, not just dealing, but making deals. He is results-oriented. Speaking about politicians there is one thing we desperately want them to improve in. Stop just throwing loud statements, realize them. Show results, not just diplomacy. According to Trump's character and background he has a good chance to succeed in this. The ice will move beyond any doubts. The key concern here is if an entrepreneur-thinking person is good for the country as a politician.

People claim he is Crazy. He is. But craziness has always been a signature of personalities who do significant things. It is also a part of his image he masterly uses. Why? To differentiate himself. A wisdom of Marketing says 'Stand out to win the market.' Simple, but convincing truth. People say he is 'kind of silly'. He is not. I love a phrase of my friend commenting this statement 'Silly people do not face bankruptcies 6 times. They face just once.' With all ups and downs of his career, Trump has been only growing his capitals. Otherwise, how would he wake up one day finding himself a billionaire worth 3,7 $ mln and the President of the world's largest economy (in nominal terms)? He is unpredictable, reactionary, emotional. But, way not stupid.

A positive sign of his talks is that he pursues his believes and follows his thoughts. If to trace back his interviews and affirmations, Trump has always been mentioning an external debt and lack of jobs. The common sense and economics basics say - right points. Such persistence also means that he did not pick up this topic just to strengthen his campaign, but it is a belief he has been thinking over for a long period of time. He is reproached for his plans to build a wall on the U.S. - Mexican border and a registry for people from Muslim-majority countries. But records show the billionaire's namesake foundation had donated thousands to groups supporting immigrants and others he has recently attacked. The question of the right people filtration. In regard to the manipulations with Chinese currency, it has been a thorny problem for American trade through much of the 2000s. Though the manipulation is considered to be stopped in 2014, the effects such as increasing unemployment are still being felt. And there is still a space to act and improve the situation.

Throughout his elections movement, as Trump prefers to call it, there are several observations to mention. A Family factor. The cohesion and commitment of his relatives is hardly to underestimate. It is like a startup and investor relationship: investors put money in people. The nation puts money in a team. Donald has such a team. All of his brothers and sisters, daughters and sons were heavily-engaged in his campaign. He looked much stronger having his family giving talks in his support across the states then his rival Clinton whose husband got asleep on one of her speeches.

Years in media have also not passed in vain. His name was literally everywhere: the Internet, TV, streets, radio, media. All levels. I was living in the U.S. over 3 months during the presidential race. Not to notice Trump was totally impossible. While Clinton's name can hardly be heard anywhere except official news, political radio debates and people talking. I thought that time, the guy is pulling gears. True mastery, taking into account that Trump's campaign costed $859,538 versus about 1,97 million spent by Clinton's office.

For those who still fear Trum-pum-pum outcomes (Russians say "trum-pum-pum" when something goes unexpectedly and brings problems) consider the following. The political system is the whole historical machine passed from one president to another. With all the cabinets, ideology, historically-rooted beliefs and own states laws, it will be extremely difficult for Trump to turn it around or change significantly. Although, a better chance than Hillary to breathe in a new life.

With all the buzz around him and his future political course, one thing is clear. Trump is a risk. Risk is an opportunity. Opportunity is a chance to make difference. Difference moves the world on. What kind of difference will Trump bring to the U.S. and the world society? The TRUMPERIZATION begins.