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New world order: humanization or humiliation?

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New World Disorder

While forward-looking ‘global technology thought leaders’ are trying to be good at playing a poor hand, recognizing economic and political trends and flows, - I hate to say it but I was wrong, and humanism era will never come. The idea of some changes in future itself is basically wrong, because nothing happens in future and it is not about tomorrow, but about today. While we were thinking to have been living in a safe world sheltered by advanced science and technology, a simple DNA virus uncovered systemwide crisis in almost all spheres of human life: economy, healthcare, education, politics, security, technology and science. No, we are not that much educated and equipped. As it seemed to be. And the humanity’s task in 21st century, starting now in 2020 is simply to survive’, - desperately hints Forbes.  Regular tools, equipment, technologies, guidelines and norms are no longer is aid of, normal is no longer normal. ‘New normal’ post-COVID reality is already marked by even greater economic, social and political divisions than those that roiled the pre-COVID world. 

Human factor 

2020 Goalkeepers Report (COVID-19 a global prospective) issued by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations provides a comprehensive analysis of current trends and several scenarios of the future, and even best possible given scenarios are not very promising. Our lives have already changed, and the best description of the new reality is a ‘fluctuating’ one, remaking homo sapiens into homo perditus. Whilst the reality is lacking smart, broad-minded person of honor really, able to think further beyond his own interests, to think about progress. Lacking the ability to be free from avarice opens the opportunity to see a big picture, raise big policy questions and therefore develop global action plan to face the economic catastrophe.‘The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that just as everything collides into everything else, everywhere collides into everywhere else.. The International Monetary Fund projects that, even with the US$18 trillion that has already been spent to stimulate economies around the world, the global economy will lose US$12 trillion, or more, by the end of 2021’. Unesco called this year after Coronavirus “An Inclusive ‘New Normal’. 

Common trends both for countries and companies are: seeking for sea stability by rethinking expenditures and internal structures and priorities, survival is the only priority. Considering each of us on the human dimension is doing the same. So one plus one, and we get a tremendous clash of interests and individual vs institution, they are simply on opposite sides of the barricades. At the same time, feeling more anxiety for tomorrow fellows take more liberty by whatever means necessary, on personal and institutional levels. Sense of impunity for any actions taken (for self-interest and personal advantage) in the times of turmoil. Especially if those actions are covered by moralistic scholasticism. Any violence, nationalism, discrimination, derogation, imposing self-interests are possible when nobody is sure what is actually going on. False statements of CEO’s and politicians not corresponding to the reality led to a complete distrust to any information because of a fake reality they are creating.

Game theory says that if you face risk, the sooner you take it – the better. So what the world does in the next few months matters a great deal. Not a world of course, a human being. I’ll put it simply: COVID-19 is everywhere, and it is not about the geography, it is about the whole life system of everybody, everyone. Valdai club left us behind a frightening parallel asking: Coronavirus Instead of WWIII: Will a New World Order Pay the Price?  

Pandemic conditions unlocked the panhuman disease – meanness (in Russian it is подлость). It is a negative moral quality of a person, ability to be cruel, dishonest, insincere, servility; it is a model of behavior of a low feelings and low motives covered by commonly acceptable actions. Evil is done secretly, while the victim is falsely assured in loyalty and in kindness towards her. This is an invisible masked war of a selfish individual against all. The more calls for actions to join efforts, to support poor and weak, the more possibilities for evil is opening. The darkest scenario seem to materialize with a man crossing the last border – the border of humanism. There is a faint hope that individual can take a step back, but as it is said about progress, humanism is possible but not evitable.