город, в котором я живу

San Antonio, Texas, USA

день рождения

29 марта

где и чему учился

Minsk State Linguistic University

где и как работал

artist, designer, entrepreneur

мне интересно

Art, Literature, Poetry, Design of Myself

и вообще…


S – Spiritual purpose in life leads to self-knowledge, education, mastery and perfection.

T – Trust in the power of your mind, your life is the reflection of your own thoughts.

R – Respect for self, respect for others, responsibility for all your actions.

A – All things are possible, nothing is impossible, as you think so shall you be.

N – Negative inner mind-set keeps you from being on purpose.

N – No limits, no boundaries, never give up.

I – I am whole, complete, total, fully alive, I need no more to be happy.

K – Know yourself first, knowledge is always power.