Павел Лобков

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Pavel Lobkov: I don’t lie about Donbass, I don’t lie about Syria, why should I lie about HIV?

СLet’s start from the very beginning. How did you find out that you were HIV-positive?In 2003, I think, in May, Chanel invited us to film our show 'Vegetable life' about the French perfume industry. We were visiting plantations in Grasse, and as I was doing a standup I tripped and fell on a big rosebush. I never noticed that I had a little thorn stuck in my belly — somewhere between my jeans and my belt.Three days later I went back to Moscow and it began to swell — it looked like it was some kind of boil. I had a quick surgical procedure in a clinic without doing any tests. In a couple of days I was already in China, where I began to worry.  My tiny scratch didn't seem to start to heal at all. At that time, the NTV channel was attached to the clinic of the Presidential Administration on Grokholsky street. There I had my belly dressed and went through a number of other unpronounceable procedures. I said to them: have me tested for HIV and syphilis! — Why should we? — But I insisted: have me tested! Finally they gave me this little grey paper, meaning: there you go, if you're sure you want to.СSo, basically, they literally did you a favor?Actually yes. But I insisted on this test, because I was worried about the slow healing of the cut, I thought there might have been some problems with my immune system. This was the first time this had happened in my experience: before that, any wounds would heal up very quickly. That’s how I came to the idea I had to have my immune status tested. After all, I’m a biologist! I thought there might have been factors other than just a stray rose thorn.